1:1 Transformational Programs


Are you ready to transform your life?

Then the 1:1 transformational programs are for you!

Choose to work closely with Riannah for either 3, 6, or 9 months to transform your life in body, mind, and soul. These programs are available for both men and women.

Does this sound familiar:

  • You feel stuck or are experiencing blocks and are unsure what the future can or will look like?
  • You experience the low frequency emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and guilt more than the high frequency motions such as joy, pleasure, and love?
  • You can’t let go of the past, and perhaps there are repeating ancestral patterns appearing in your life?
  • You put other people first all the time, and describe yourself as a people pleaser?
  • You lack confidence and doubt yourself all the time. Why can’t you just make a decision and back yourself in?
  • You want to develop your masculinity or femininity? Or the duality of both?
  • You have unresolved trauma or experiences in your past?
  • You’re experiencing an awakening and want to work through the emotions and patterns that are arising?

I understand. That’s where I come in. 


What it includes…

The transformational programs bring together a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, mentoring, reiki energy work, and life planning. I work with you one on one to help you create change within your inner world so you can live your truth, which will in turn extend to your external world.

Every program is tailored to suit the individual and their needs. However, an example of the sessions that have been run with previous clients include:

  • Deep dive into your past – In the initial session we uncover the root cause of any issues you are facing in your life today through a detailed personal history questionnaire. This provides the foundation for the rest of the sessions.
  • Masculine/Feminine – We explore your beliefs around masculinity/femininity, past experiences, and traits to enable you to live from the true essence of who you are.
  • Diffuse the Emotions – In this session, we diffuse the negative emotions from past memories using hypnosis, timeline therapy, or somatic body work.
  • Reframe Limiting Beliefs – Limiting beliefs are the untrue beliefs we hold onto (such as I’m not good enough) which affect how we think, speak and behave. Together we uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back and reframe your unconscious mind with new positive beliefs.
  • Break the Chains – Here we begin to break ancestral patterns or cycles in your life that are no longer serving you for your highest good. This often includes tending to the mother/father wound and inner child work.
  • Energy Alignment – Energy alignment can be run as individual sessions or incorporated into other sessions as a way to move and align energy in the body. 
  • Shadow work – Together we explore your shadow, or the parts of yourself that you reject to enable you to live authentically as a whole human being.

Over 3, 6, or 9 months we work together closely to strip back the debris of conditioning and life, to reveal the truest expression of who you are. This will require you to be 100% committed to your journey of healing, discovery and growth. To get the best results, it is the committment and time you put into yourself and your journey in between the sessions.

Let me show you how.


Get started now

Are you ready to transform your life in body, mind, and soul?


    Typical techniques used during the transformation programs include specific tools from Riannah’s training. However, she also builds in stuff from her own journey and experience. The formal techniques include, but are not limited to:

    • Regressions using hypnosis
    • Timeline Therapy
    • Elicitation of values
    • Forgiveness technique
    • Shadow work technique
    • Symbolic Journey
    • Reiki energy work
    • Somatic body work

    The techniques used were learned through the Clinical Hypnosis and NLP Master Practitioner training modules completed with Juliet Lever and Paul Eliseo from Evolve and Relaunch. While the energy work has been learned through various teachers including my current mentor Hailey Adams. Riannah is also a trained yoga teacher and personal trainer. Each session will be different from the last. Results are dependent on your willingness and openness to participate. 

    Looking for more information before you get started?

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